Miller Fellowship Nomination

2023-2026 Miller Fellowship

Nomination Deadline: September 12, 2022, 11:59pm (-7 GMT)
Self nominations are not accepted.
Current UCB affiliates are not eligible.

Please read Miller Research Fellowship requirements and nomination instructions HERE.

The online Nomination Form must be completed in a single session.
If your nomination letter is not ready to be uploaded at this time,
please come back to this site later to submit your nomination.
All notifications will be by email so please ensure accuracy of email addresses.
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Ph.D. must be confirmed prior to start of fellowship.
Ph.D. must be completed by August 31, 2023 for award.
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Nomination Letter
For your nomination letter to be accepted, it must meet the following requirements:
2. SPECIFY Miller Fellowship (generic letters of recommendation will be declined.)
3. Institution letterhead and VALID PDF format.
Note: should a nominee be approved and subsequently submit an application, your nomination letter will serve as an additional letter of reference in the candidate's application file and institution letterhead is recommended.

Upload Nomination Letter (PDF file format):
Do not include nominee's CV or reprints. (They will be deleted from the file.)

PDF Filename Format: NominatorLastName_NomineeLastName.pdf
Example: The nominee is Jane Smith. The nominator is John Doe.
The file name should be Doe_Smith.pdf


I confirm that I meet the nominator qualifications as stated below:
  1. I am a faculty professor or other research scientist with a Ph.D.
  2. I am not a current student or post-doc.
  3. I am not submitting a self-nomination.
  4. The nominee is not currently at UCB.
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